Tuesday, August 19, 2008


MF and I ducked into a Borders recently to kill some time before a movie. We were barely in the door when I spied a table in the main aisle, TOTALLY covered in Vampire Books!

This made me smile. The fact that Borders is pimping all this new Urban Gothic fare is wicked cool to a Vampire fanatic like me. And it isn't even Halloween!

Of course the reason why they're doing it is because of the new Stephanie Meyers book that just hit stands called "Breaking Dawn." It's the end of her 4 part Twilight series, the movie of which is due out at Xmas. I haven't read Twilight myself, but MF has, as well as a number of other folks who I've been bumping into lately. It seems to be one of those guilty pleasure books, especially for girls, since it deals with a high school love affair between a clumsy girl and a fantastically beautiful Vampire boy.

I'm not making fun. This is me standing in line outside Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago for Midnight Madness of the Breaking Dawn release.

The girl in pink is looking forward to the film, and thinks that all the actors are dreamy.

Yes, I was eavesdropping...I was by myself.

I got lots of points from MF the next morning when she found the book waiting on her chair.

I will, however, make fun of the fact that every girl who exited that bookstore with a new copy of Breaking Dawn had to scream at the top her lungs before running off into the night.

I love this shit.