Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Camera

Okay, I've never flown a remote-controlled plane before, but this just looks too badass.

It's a video camera that mounts onto an RC plane (or whatever you want,) and sends a real-time signal back to a set of VR Goggles that you wear, (which look very 80's in a totally Rad kinda way.)

Ya gotta watch the video. It'll make you think of mounting this camera on all kinds of stuff.

I was even thinking how sweet it would be to get some bad-ass aerial shots for a movie with this thing. It looks like the signal is NTSC, so it's probably no better than 720x486, but what a nice touch of production value you could add to a standard-def movie! Imagine an aeriel shot flying over two sword-fighting combatants on a ridge, ala Highlander!

I saw it on BOING BOING.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Writing Assignment...

(Just a quick piece of concept art. Anna Perilo's the model..from a shoot we did a couple years ago.)

So the cats from my Writers Group have been talking about handing-out writing assignments for a while now, and last week Dave made good on his threat. The parameters were these:

1.) There should be some mention or depiction of a
case of mistaken identity.

2.) At some point, make use or mention of an annoying
or aggressive animal. This could be a pet, a pest, or
even an obnoxious picture on a bumper sticker, or tv
ad. Or anything, just get him/her in there.

3.) Can not take place present day. Forwards or
backwards in time by at least 20 years.

4.) Sentence - must use "I guess you just don't see
that sort of thing coming."

So, this is what I came up with.