Thursday, May 21, 2009

College of Santa Fe - R.I.P.

From CSF - R.I.P.

It's all over.

The College of Santa Fe, the place in the desert where I went to school, made friends, found love, and learned to make movies, ceases as an institution as of today. What was a wonderful place to go to school...and for me, the perfect now having it's final day of classes.

I'll never be able to explain what I found at the corner of Cerrillos Blvd. and St. Michael's Dr. When the buildings are gone, the Prairie Dogs have been relocated, and the paths I used to walk are bulldozed, the only things I'll have left to remember those four years are the friends who I still party with to this very day, and the touch of my wife's hand as she holds mine.

Thanks for everything, CSF.

God speed.

From CSF - R.I.P.