Thursday, June 25, 2009


Been awhile since I'd watched this, and thought I might post it.

This was a short that we made a couple years ago to enter in a Ninja Film Competition. (That's right.) The rules were that it couldn't be longer than 3 minutes, and it had to have a Ninja in it. We were like, "Well why WOULDN'T we do it?"

The only problem was that we found out about the contest 2 weeks before the deadline. DOH! So what you see here is two weeks worth of hard work by some really fantastic people. I'll list them with links to their IMDB pages. (Everybody needs a Star Meter boost once in awhile!)

Ninja - Susan Smythe
Mr. Caine - Ethan Keogh
Mr. Troy - Kevin Sage
Insurance - Danny Albano

Jonathan Eusabio - Fight Coreographer
Hiro Koda - Stunt Coordinator

Produced by - Bill Murphy
Director of Photography - Kyle DeVriendt
Camera Operator - Matt Krupke
Stills Photographer - Bridgitte Krupke
Written by - Your Get Kraken Blogger
Directed by - Tim Cunningham and Myself

And here's the website.